Tuesday, January 31, 2012


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Picture a Day January 2012, a set on Flickr.

At the beginning of the year I set a challenge for myself to take a picture everyday for the month of January. This is the result!

Monday, January 30, 2012

California Love

I was driving around in our new Prius the other day and I asked myself this question: when did I become such a California cliche?

I'm not saying that being a Californian is a cliche in and of itself, but I wonder if I should be concerned about myself. Now, I've always been a granola at heart. My dad has always told me that I was born in the wrong generation as I'm more Hippie than Yuppy. I think that's why I never felt at home in Montgomery County. Don't get me wrong, I definitely appreciate the finer things in life. But I think I'm more comfortable being barefoot than wearing stilettos.

Anyway, back to my revelation. Should I even reveal this? I don't want to open myself up to ridicule. Oh wait. I keep a blog. Let's carry on...

Yes, I've fully embraced the California lifestlye/philosophy. I have drank the Kool-aid. What do you think was the final clue that led to the revelation...

  • Was it the aforementioned Prius? I tell you, it's a pretty freaking cool car. And since John does a lot of driving in his commute, it's worthwhile for us to have. In addition to his commute, we use it for all errand-running and trips that do not require the entire family to attend.
  • I shop at Trader Joe's (I am Obsessed with TJ's. Yes, that's obsessed with a capital 'O'), Whole Foods, and local natural foods stores called Jimbo's and Sprouts.
  • My new favorite magazine is Clean Eating Magazine.
  • The only closed-toe shoes I prefer to wear are my running shoes.
  • My most-used makeup item is my sunscreen.
  • I put beets on my salads. Which are usually kale or spinach-based.
  • We now belong to a CSA (not that this is typically a California-based thing, but they are pretty much standard here).
  • We are a now Mac- and iPhone-using household. Again, not necessarily strictly a California thing. Apple just happens to be based in California, hence, more of a California thing then, say, a Nebraska thing.
  • I can see the ocean from my house. 
I could go on but I wouldn't want to bore you anymore than I already have.

I have fully embraced the California lifestyle. I think it's done wonders for my outlook on life, my disposition, everything. People here are just nice and it rubs off on you. You never wonder if someone is out for themselves in some way. You never wonder what their angle is. You just want to have a conversation with the people you meet. I'm happy to say I'm a Californian!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Let's Get It Started

You all know I started a business here in San Diego that specializes in running programs designed for individuals, groups and businesses. Well, we're getting ready to start our first program here! Here's the info: 

Sole Health and Wellness is pleased to announce our first program for Spring 2012: the Beginner 5K Running Program in San Elijo Hills! 

“I’m not a runner,”“I can’t run,” and “Running is just not for me” are common phrases we hear. But we feel ANYONE can run as long as they go about it the right way. In our program you’ll learn all the ins and outs to help you be successful!  

The program is specifically for new and inexperienced runners. The program starts Feb 14th and will meet at the fountain in the San Elijo Hills town center every Tuesday at 10AM. Strollers are welcome and it's truly a beginner's program. No running experience is required. It's a fun, laid-back intro to running and we'll gradually build up to run a 5K at the end of the program. We're training for the San Marcos Fitness Roundup 5K on April 21st. The program is 10 weeks long, includes weekly coached runs, information sessions, weekly newsletters, a detailed training plan and more. The cost is $85, which is $8.50 a session! 

People can email me with questions at jenn@solehealthandwellness.com, they can learn about the company at http://www.solehealthandwellness.com/ and they can register for the program at http://www.signmeup.com/80775

Can't wait to see you February 14th!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Short People

It never ceases to amaze me how negative people can be. I will never understand what makes people tick and I try to put myself in other peoples' shoes as often as I can. But sometimes I just don't get it.

I just erased this whole long post about this stupid incident that happened between me and some "friends." I deleted it because, frankly, it's just not worth it. I've changed a lot over the past 2 years. Going through a very painful and horrendous situation helped me become much more appreciative and grateful for what I do have. I learned that being negative, pessimistic and unhappy will get me nowhere. Instead, focusing on what is truly great in my life, finding the positive in my situation and surrounding myself with others that bring light and happiness into my life is more important than anything. Sure, there are times I'm unhappy and there are times when I do not feel positive. But overall, life is a lot more fun when you find the joy around you. Complaining, bitching, gossiping? Not worth it. When something unpleasant happens, I give myself room to be upset about it, complain, and then it's over.

I've posted several times about some pretty ugly people I've come into contact with, some strangers, some not strangers. You can read my most recent posts about that here and here. So I don't need to go into again now since it would basically just reiterate my feelings in my previous posts. I'm only talking about it now because I a) promised I'd blog more in 2012 and b) this is a blog about my life and, well, this happened in my life.


A couple of weeks ago I saw this news piece about being positive. For some reason it stuck with me, I don't know why. One particular point that was discussed is called "negative downcasting." I think that's what it's called, perhaps it's called something else. It really doesn't matter. Anyway, it's when you're in a bad situation and you just automatically find the positive outcome. So, when our flight was diverted the other night due to poor weather conditions, instead of doing the usual "Oh woe is me, why does this have to happen to me?" thing that so many of us do, I just said to myself that I was thankful we didn't try to land the plane and potentially have some serious issue arise. We landed safely in Las Vegas and avoided a potentially serious situation. Sure I was not happy we had to land elsewhere and find alternative means home. John and I were tired and the kids were not happy. But we were all together, we eventually got home safely and we all got to sleep in our own beds that night. Thinking about it in that way made the situation so much better. That's how I dealt with moving to San Diego. Sure I miss my friends and family and it was crazy for us to deal with after just having twins. But if I fought it and thought about how awful it was going to be, the move out here would have been that much more awful. So I didn't fight it, I went with it. I even enjoyed it. And now I'm in the happiest place in years.

I'm not writing this to say I'm better than anyone because I try to avoid drama or think positively. I'm writing this because if thinking this way has helped me get to a really great place mentally, physically, emotionally, etc., maybe it could help someone else that's maybe not as happy as they may lead us to believe.

Just saying...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Funky New Year

Happy New Year! Another year over and a new one's just begun. I seem to be getting my songs mixed up... Maybe that's because I just had the longest trip of my life.

Let's rewind back to Christmas. It was fantastic. Our first Christmas in California was everything it should have been. We had Christmas Eve dinner with friends and Christmas morning we spent opening presents. I made pancakes and we had our breakfast outside (along with some pretty yummy mimosas!). Keller spent the day playing with all that Santa brought him and the girls spent the day playing with their new...well, we were glad all their new toys came with wrapping paper and boxes or they would have had nothing to play with. It was a wonderful day.

The day after Christmas we flew to New York to my parents' house. The trip went very well and was nicely uneventful. We had an early flight out of San Diego. When we made the reservations, the thought was that we leave on the earliest flight out so we get to NY with time to hang out. Well, somehow our connecting flight in Baltimore of all places was changed and we ended up having a 3-hour layover and didn't get into NY until 7:30 or so at night. If I wanted to get in that late, I would have chosen that flight instead of getting up at the crack of dawn. But, I digress.

Our time spent in NY was great. We saw lots of friends and family and had the girls' christening. That was wonderful! My brother is the girls' Godfather (he is also Keller's Godfather) and my wonderful friend Lynne is the girls' Godmother. It was so good to see them and have them be a part of the ceremony. The Deacon really delivered a wonderful service, made it super personal, included all the grandparents, and just was great. Really, we didn't do much other than spend time with everyone. There was the christening and party afterward, then the rest of the time was visiting with friends and family. We went to a holiday lights show which was fine, I guess.

New Year's Eve was quiet. My parents went to their annual party and we stayed in with the kids. When I was a kid, that's essentially how NYE would go: parents would go out and the kids would stay home. Then when the parents got back we would all have ice cream sundaes and watch the ball drop. So we started the tradition with Keller. We made ice cream sundaes and watched a movie. We tried to stay up to ring in the new year but it didn't happen. What do you expect? We have 9-month old twins and a 6-year old. Regardless, it was a fun night! And now it's 2012!

Out of all of us, I would say Lola had the best vacation, though. She stayed with friends of ours who happen to have a pool. And Lola has never been able to pass up a pool in her life. Plus they have 2 dogs of their own, so she was in heaven playing with her friends. Needless to say, she hasn't moved much since we've been home.

The trip home from NY was not as uneventful as the trip to NY. We flew out of Long Island and had a connection in Chicago. I was worried because the layover was short and it was going to be tight getting the connection to San Diego. But we got into Chicago early and there was really no worry about getting that flight to San Diego. But...San Diego was having some fog and visibility issues and closed the airport. So we were diverted to Las Vegas. This would have been fine if we didn't have 3 kids with us. It was a mess. I'm too tired to go into every last detail but we got into LV around 9:30. We decided to rent a car and drive to San Diego instead of trying to get on another flight (we overheard that there weren't any flights until Wednesday....I didn't want to stay in LV for 2 days). We rented a car from Dollar and I'm only mentioning it because they have hideous customer service. Unfortunately, they were the only ones that had a van and that we could rent car seats from, so we were stuck. But going to pick up the car was a pain. They have a huge lot and basically said, "Go pick up your van yourself." They weren't rude but just indifferent. Then they left us to our own devices to install the carseats ourselves. After about 30 minutes of us struggling and the babies literally screaming their heads off, someone came over to see what was going on. She was extremely unhelpful. But despite her, we got the seats in and took off. And arrived in our home at about 4:15am this morning. Ugh.

The kids really handled the whole situation well. They are good travelers. It wasn't until we were sitting in the parking lot for almost an hour that the wheels started falling off the operation. Once we were moving and everyone could fall asleep, it was all right. We still have to go to the airport here in SD to get our luggage, return the van and pick up our own car. Well, as I've come to say: we may not always have peace but there will always be joy! We made it home safely and slept in our own beds and that's the most important thing.

Happy New Year!