Tuesday, July 5, 2011

People Are People


The other day I posted about how some people are rude and say the most ridiculous things to me regarding my babies. Well, it really isn't limited to the babies. People have been saying ridiculous things to me regarding a number of different topics, the most recent being our upcoming move to San Diego.

For the most part, people have been somewhat supportive regarding our move. Several people have said they're happy for us and wish us nothing but happiness. We like those types of comments. But several people have felt the need to point out what's wrong with San Diego and basically tell us all the negative things we should expect when we move there. Last night was no different. We're among friends we haven't seen in a while and as we're enjoying the 4th of July cookout we're informed of the negative things about San Diego. Let's go through some of them, shall we?

1. It's expensive.
 Really? Um, we live in Montgomery County, the richest county in Maryland. Cost of living is about the same as north San Diego county, where we're moving. Bite me.

2. The traffic is terrible.
Again, we live outside of DC. We have the worst traffic in the nation. Really, it's rated worse than Los Angeles and New York.

And that's about it. End of conversation.

Why do people do this? Why do people feel the need to inform you of all the negative aspects of something? It's as if they're doing you a favor by telling you what's wrong with the situation. Like they're helping you out. You know, because I'm apparently an idiot and can't find these things out on my own. This happens all the time. I tell someone some news and BOOM, negative comments. Why? Is it to cut me down to make me feel bad about my situation? Why would someone do this, especially someone that supposed to be a friend? When we told people we were having twins, I couldn't believe how insensitive and rude some of the comments from "friends" were. My personal favorite was "better you than me." You think?

Honestly, I really feel sorry for people like this. They have to be seriously miserable people. You know, I haven't always been 100% gung-ho about this move. But it's happening and I have to be positive about it or I'll just be miserable. Do people really think we'd uproot our entire family just for the heck of it? This is what has to happen for us. It's John's job, it's not like we're just moving there for no reason. So, why fight it? It's not like we're moving to Nebraska (no offense to the Nebraskans). We're moving someplace that people visit for vacation. It's called America's Finest City for a reason. Be happy for us or keep it to yourself. Life is too short to wander through it miserably. And we don't need miserable people in our lives.