Friday, February 20, 2009

Say Anything

I left you all hanging with regard to our date last week. Sometimes I forget I have a blog and therefore I forget to update it. Then, when I do update it, I wonder if people actually read it. Sometimes someone will say something to me about it, but I don't know if writing a blog for a handful of people is really the best use of my time. I could just call them and tell them what's going on. Or write them an email. Which would you prefer?

Until a decision is made, I guess I'll keep writing. Onto the latest happenings...

Our date on Valentine's Day was great. Taylor the Babysitter arrived as we were putting Keller to bed. He went down fairly easily, which was a surprise. I was certain we were going to get a call that he woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep. But there was no call. I was then considering calling home to see how things were going but I had was faced with two possible outcomes: 1) Taylor may not answer the phone and I would freak out (this was our first time having Taylor stay with Keller and we actually didn't discuss this) 2) I would be "that mom" that calls the babysitter 800 times. I didn't call and it ended up being a nice night (though I did sit with my cell phone in my lap). We ate at Rock Creek in Bethesda and it was nice.

Now, I know it sounds like I'm loony when it comes to Keller. That I don't feel comfortable not being home or something. Not true. I am perfectly fine with going out! I was just nervous because this was the first time we had gone out in a long time and I had a feeling something was going to come up that would make us come home. Thankfully, nothing did. So, it looks like more evenings out are in our future. Yay!

We are heading down to Williamsburg today. Sadly, John's grandmother passed away on Wednesday. She was in bad shape, so while it wasn't entirely unexpected, everyone is still understandably upset. I know John's mom is pretty upset. It was her mom.

So, on that note, take some time today to tell the people you know that you love them and appreciate them being a part of your life. I hope my peeps know they mean the world to me.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love is in the Air

Today is the big V day. How did the day begin for us? Well Keller woke up at 4 AM. And he was up and ready to go. Grumble grumble.

So I coach my marathon and half marathon group through their long run on Saturday mornings. This morning I went into Safeway to get some water and post-run treats for them and the store was filled with men getting their last minute Valentine gifts. I know it's the thought that counts. But really? Safeway? At 7:30 in the morning? How romantic.

We are still quite excited about our date tonight. We're going to dinner at Rock Creek in Bethesda. We've never been but hopefully it will be good. We could go to McDonalds and I'd be happy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day. Better get to Safeway before all the good gifts are gone.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday I'm in Love

I am in a GREAT mood today.

It is the Friday before a long weekend. Yay! I have a date with my husband tomorrow night. Yay! We were trying to remember the last time we had a date just the two of us and we were completely unsuccessful. I think it was over the summer when we were in NYC and my parents had Keller for the weekend. That was July. How pathetic is that? But the times they are a changing.

I have been sick with this horrendous sore throat this week. I had a fever yesterday and had to go home from work early. I feel better today but my throat is still ridiculously painful. The glands in my neck are so swollen that it hurts to turn my head. I had a sore throat like this back in January too. I'm probably dying. But even that won't mess up my mood. I'm just really looking forward to this weekend.

Keller isn't feeling well either. John is home with him today. He's had this cough for some time now and he's just been under the weather. Hopefully he will be feeling better by Sunday because we have a Valentine's party to go to and I wouldn't want him to miss seeing his little friends.

Well, that's all for now! Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Box Full of Sharp Objects

John is out of town this week. He left yesterday. Have I mentioned how much I hate it when he is out of town? HATE!

Anyway, have you heard of the Snuggie? I know it's been going around on Facebook and it was featured on the Today show of all places. This thing is really strange looking. Here's the commercial:

I don't know what is more funny, the product itself or the commercial. I kind of want one. I know my mother would love one. I could totally see her walking around the house in one. And she's really short, so it would be all dragging behind her.

On the Today show yesterday, they were all wearing them. It was hysterical. The crew and all the anchors had them on. Apparently they're 100% polyester. Could you imagine the static generated by that thing? You'd have to be careful, you may throw sparks all over the place and set the place on fire. My cat, Percy, is always throwing sparks because he's so fluffy. In the winter time he generates static like crazy. I'd have to be careful if he laid on my while I was wearing the Snuggie. We'd be dangerous. Once false move and the couch would be up in smoke.

I think I'm going to get one...

Monday, February 2, 2009

One Week

Another Monday and another week. This week looks like it will be crazy busy, but good nonetheless.

John is going out of town on Wednesday and will be gone until Sunday. He's going to Marcos Island in Florida, the loser. He goes to this conference every year and we talk about me and Keller joining him, but we always forget about it until it's right here. Oh well. I guess we'll try again next year. But my parents are coming in this weekend to help, so at least we will have fun here too.

This weekend was good. John went out with the boys, so I had Saturday night to myself. I watched Mamma Mia with Meryl Streep. It made me a little uncomfortable. I mean, I liked it, I guess. But seeing her in the role she played was really strange. All the dancing around and singing was hard for me to believe. And then Pierce Brosnan? That was even more unbelievable.

Sunday we did nothing during the day except fight with Keller. That boy. He's something else. He didn't take a nap, which is always a recipe for disaster. Just a lot of not listening and acting badly. But we went over to Holly and Mark's for the Superbowl and that seemed to get him back on track. Seeing the other kids and not having to deal with us is more enjoyable for him, I guess.

On a completely different note, I saw a school bus get pulled over by a cop this morning. I had never seen such a thing before. I don't know if the bus had any students on it but could you imagine? Riding along to school and your bus gets pulled over? I don't know about here, but when I took the bus to school, the kids on my bus would have made life miserable for the bus driver if we got pulled over. The kids on my bus were wretched and the bus driver had no control over them. There would be something going on everyday. It made the 5 minute ride to school pretty interesting. Lots of yelling back and forth between the wretched kids and the bus driver, things were thrown, the bus driver would stop the bus and go back there and yell. It's a wonder we ever got to school.

Happy Monday!